Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association

Cattle back into the High Country!

CATTLE!!!! It's that time folks! Our good friends of the Ranching Community are coming back into the High Country. On Thursday, July 21, there will be Cattle Ranching Op's on Brush Creek Rd. There will be cattle on the road from near the Skyland entrance all the way out Brush Creek, past the Canal trail exit.  The Spann Family will be moving these cattle from 6:00am until about 12:00pm.  If you are planning on recreating in the Brush Creek area on Thursday AM, you will quickly realize you should go somewhere else. After the cattle are set in their grazing areas, do remember they were here first - we are guests and our impact is very critical to their operations. We have a right to be there, but let's be the best partners out there. Don't spook cattle, don't yell at them, and check your speed. CLOSE gates! Horses and Ranchers are also working, so be aware and be nice! Let them know you are there, ask them how to pass, and always, always smile and be cordial. These are great friends and have many similar values with many of us responsible users. We love our Country! Let's share it well and in a productive way!

CBMBA Annual Overnight Work Weekend - August 20/21 - SAVE the date!

The next big one is our Annual Ridiculously Fun Mad Prize Filled Work Your Tail Off then Party Overnight (or the ARFMPFWYTOTPO)!  We'll be going DEEP on this one, and working on Crystal Peak Trail #583 up Cement Creek Road. Rim Tours will once again be on site and taking care of all our food and re-energizing needs.  Mark the calendar now! You don't want to miss these, let alone the mad prizes you'll take home courtesy of our so groovy sponsors to your right! 

What a start to 2016! So many thanks!

We've worked on Happy Hour, Strand Hill, 401, and Green Lake! We've also partnered with CB Devo on the Woods Walk. Currently we're working with the Town of CB on the Baxter Gulch Trail as they have secured grant funding for more youth corps workdays!  It's ON! 
Thank you so much to this amazing community, and supporters near and far who come out to get their hands (feet, ears, eyes, teeth, etc.) dirty on these amazing workdays.  
So many thanks to all of our sponsors, and to our many new sponsors.  Some of these organizations/sponsors have been with us forever - we are humbled!  And for the new ones on board, we are so grateful for your support and look forward to your continued support.